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Shandong Keli New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in National High-Tech Development Zone in Zibo of Shandong province, covering 100 acres, with 20 million registered capitals, mainly produces high molecular weight polyethylene products. The first processing capacity is 2700 tons per year and the second processing capacity is 5,400 tons per year with a total investment of about one billion Yuan. It was certificated by ISO9001 quality management system in 2010.

There are series of products in the company, four of which are patented products and some are designed first in the world reaching the world advanced level. The main products and features are:

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe with diameter of 63-1100mm and the minimum wall thickness of 3mm ; Ultra-thin tube is national initiative;

  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composite reinforced pipe (UHMWPE, wire and HIPVC) raises the pressure capacity rating of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe more than one times reaching the world's first industrial production line;

  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plastic composite pipe;

  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plastic composite pipe, the patented product;

  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene extruded plank with thickness of 5-20mm and width of 500 mm, also welding according to customers’ needs and intercepting the length according to customers’  demand;

  • Corrosion resistant butterfly valve, wedge gate valves, knife gate, initiative in the world;

  • High wear resistant impeller pump.

The unique company welding technology and equipments enable weld of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, butt weld and vertical weld of plank, and weld of complex shaped products. The weld strength is equal to or greater than the material strength.

The company combines research and development, production and services together, forming a talent team led by the first-class experts of high molecular weight polyethylene processing, including 6 doctor professors and 3 senior engineers. Besides, there are more than 8 people with master degrees or above. It can provide users with detailed and thoughtful service: ① provide solutions according to their existent pipeline, pump, valve problems; ② providing special design of piping, pumps, valves according to their needs; ③ using a special formula (such as temperature, high wear, etc.) to produce pipeline, pumps and valves meeting the special requirements according to the their medium and working conditions.

The company is the holding company of Shandong Qilu Keli Chemical Institute Co., Ltd. which formerly was the technology industry of Sinopec institute of Qilu branch. In the implementation of “reform stream” in 2007, holding company of China Petroleum authorized Qilu Company to signed the “the agreement of technology and intellectual property use” with us and to cooperate in technology and product markets  for long-term. It began to participate in high molecular weight polyethylene slurry synthesis technology development in 1997, achieving production capacity of 3,000 tons per year in 2004. The company is a National High-tech Enterprise, Shandong Academy Workstation, Shandong Province Joint Graduate Training Base, Zibo City Integrity Enterprise, Zibo City Innovation and Growing-up Industrial Enterprise, Zibo Excellent High-tech Industrial Enterprise in the top thirty, Zibo High-tech Zone Technology-based high-growth small medium enterprise.

Taking technical innovation as the driving force and processing technology development of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene as the core, in accordance with the development strategy of “standardization, specialization, complete, large-scale”, the company will focus on building itself the most advanced processing technology ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene research center and the largest domestic processing base of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.